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A recent graduate of Billy Blue College of Design with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) proposes Kayla Pedrazzoli, an enthusiastic designer with the skills and

knowledge to innovate, design, and create spaces suited to the clientele wants/needs. 

Currently based in Sydney, Australia I have been fortunate to have experienced many different career paths that have allowed me to become a self-motivated, hard-working individual, that can work both independently and effectively within a team environment. 

I find that design comes from years of cultural notions, beliefs, and experiences that allow us to explore and develop new ways of enhancing the same concept. I for one love my Italian culture, it is an expression of who we are, and what we can bring. It is through the understanding use of colors, patterns, arts, and buildings that have inspired me to use cultural components as a flare of interest for clienteles. 

As the industry grows so do I, I’m excited to venture into this path and apply my skills in a way that will put more than just a smile on people's faces. I look forward to the exciting challenges that lay ahead in creating a space with elegance, style, and culture. 


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T: 0434 101 575


LinkedIn: Kayla Pedrazzoli