Paddington Premise
Paddington Premise

Paddington Premise
Paddington Premise





This project requires designing the new interior of an existing two storey house located within the inner city of Sydney. The stipulation was to produce a documentation set that outlines the construction techniques surrounding the kitchen, bathroom, staircase and window system details. 

Brief Requirements

Transforming this existing small residential house into a double storey building that facilitates and open space living plan  whilst keeping the historical heritage of the building within the design. 



Keeping to a simple yet minimalist contemporary design scheme its structure in the Paddington premise was shaped through the use of length and narrow halls, and opening up space was a key element in redesign this floor plan through height and natural lighting, whilst retaining the historic values of the premise. 

In opening the space the attic became an essential room allocated for privacy whilst drawing upon city views. The upper level was restructured to create a luxurious space for the master bedroom accentuating the entire floor by making the dominant part as the ensuite, whilst retaining the premise balconies and redesign them to fit a simpler and comfortable space within the master bedroom. The ground floor emphasises the kitchen and living by utilising the staircase as a central design element, whilst also capturing the inner essence of a home by placing a second bedroom. The lower half of the premise was more of a communal gathering space upon clientele wants & needs.