Master Bedroom Perspective - Apartment F
Master Bedroom Perspective - Apartment F

Apartment F Kitchenette
Apartment F Kitchenette

Apartment E Living Room
Apartment E Living Room

Master Bedroom Perspective - Apartment F
Master Bedroom Perspective - Apartment F





The Mnemosyne, located in Edgecliff is a unique sculptural building that is divided into four quadrants that curve and twist around a central core. 

Brief Requirements

  • Designing a service back-to-back apartments 

  • Luxurious design aesthetic, functions and qualities

  • Open floor plan that define the private and public realm within the apartment 

  • Innovative and environmentally design that includes uses of lighting, integrated technologies and FFE  

  • Creating a strong brand ethic, and marketing the design of the residential apartment complex 


The design of this premise takes place in Edgecliff's newly designed building replacing the old Edgecliff center. The design of this premise features four quadrants broken into 5 serviced back-to-back apartments, to create a luxurious apartment for residences. Inspired by ‘Palm Springs’ bright and vibrant tones, creates an open yet exciting floor plan that brings color, structure, and patterns into the premise. 
The design was kept simple, yet drew upon its natural structure to defined the spacial aspects. Connecting the two back-to-back apartments saw space open its surrounding by creating a second public realm. Introducing the mauve tones of the v groove paneling along the hallway, contrasting with the herringbone sliding door took the apartment to new levels not only from the space opening but the view of the apartment. 
The design luxurious feel to the apartment is seen through the main bathroom with a custom-designed vanity and shaving cabinet, to the bed being simple yet bring the natural comfort of ‘Palm Springs’ into the design. The Mnemosyne design around the apartment structures around the living conditions of residents who live there for a short to a long period. 

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